With 20 years of excellence in Real Estate sector, Leaders 92 always strives to  bring the best projects that create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders whether an investor who wants a secure and profitable investment opportunity or an end user who wants to settle down and wants to have luxurious and peaceful living or a Real Estate Developer who wants to market  any residential and commercial project  to reach out the world with best services, Leaders 92 has a proven track record of catering all the real estate needs.


Innovative Mind set

A progressive mind set and innovative strategy is essential for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Leaders 92 is a strong believer of technology, looking for new and innovative solutions to achieve best results for our clients’ satisfaction.


  • We are using modern means of communication to reach out the mass audience for marketing purposes and effectively utilizing the latest technologies in the development of our Real Estate projects.

Core Areas of Working

Real Estate Marketing & Sales

Leaders 92 is endeavouring to bring the best residential and commercial projects with all the futuristic and luxurious amenities with guaranteed high ROI that gains the trust of investors and end users.


  • We also take up projects of developers to market them efficiently and widely with our innovative digital team along with the competent sales staff.


Investment Consultation

We offer you the Real Estate Consultation to move forward in the right direction by making the right choices. We are helping investors and developers in forming a detailed and comprehensive strategy to invest in the most lucrative projects that turn out to be a great profitable deal for them.

  • Do in-depth work on formulating investment strategies for clients, helping them fulfil their needs and reach their financial goals.

  • Many financial advisors and financial planners would be considered investment consultants.

Real Estate Development

The development of many state of the art residential and commercial projects is on the credit of Leaders 92. We have a history of excellence and proficiency in building many ultra-modern high rise projects with all the modern and contemporary amenities and we also have a vast experience in planning and building mega housing projects.

  • We are well aware of the best use of available space with utilization of finest material and most modern technical solutions.

  • We know the art of modern living and an approach to build the projects by implementing the social, logistical, economic and environmental factors.

CEO Vision

Excellence, Proficiency, Trust 


Going the extra mile to deliver the best values with futuristic, innovative and dynamic solutions in the Real Estate market to offer safer, profitable and hassle free investment opportunities to the clients has always been the spirit behind Leaders 92. We will make our best efforts to keep bringing the projects that win the heart of our prospect clients and build a strong trustworthy relation to prosper and excel together.

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